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Iya Ademidemeji

Iya Ademidemeji Celebrates her odunmewa/10th Year Anniversary as a Priestess of Shango Iya O'lorisa Sangofunmilayo Ademidemeji celebrates her "Odunmewa" or tenth anniversary of service, as a Yoruba Priestess of Shango in the traditional Ifa/Orisa system. "Yeye" -- meaning "sweet Mama" Ade-- meaning "Crown" as she is affectionately known has been an Ifa worshipper for over 11 years. Iya O'lorisa Sangofunmilayo Ademidemeji Was ritually initiated, in accordance with sacred rites that are over 5000 years old, in 1993 to the fire and thunder divinity, Shango, by Chief Bolu Fatunmise, The Gbawoniyi of Ile Ife, and; Uzuri Amini, Priestess of Oshun, Luisah Teish, Priestess of Oshun.
She is also the goddaughter of Chief Obalumi Ogunseye, Ojubona Awo, of Ile Ife and Iya ShangoObabi Osadele, Oni Shango and Curator of the Shango Museum in North America, located at Oyotunji African Village, Sheldon, South Carolina. Yeye Ade is founder of Ile Ogbon, or House of Wisdom and The Healing Flame, International, a non-profit organization.

In her capacity of Priestess, Iya Ademidemeji is a Spiritual Diviner, who brings one's destiny into focus; and a Spiritual Healer who assists one in overcoming obstacles that would keep you from your highest good. She is a workshop facilitator for survivors of childhood and adult physical, mental and sexual abuse. Yeye is also an Activist in the forefront of Afrikan Women's issues on a global front, along with all issues affecting the afrikan family. Iya Ademidemeji is also god parent/mentor to scores of adepts who journey on the path of Ifa, a traditional religion of the Yoruba Culture and her Afrikan Ancestors. Iya frequently takes political and spiritual stances which are in favor of the afrikan and are not popular in a society where the afrikan has been taught to hate who they are.

As a public speaker, budding writer and teacher, Iya has frequently appeared on Digital Underground, hosted by Junious Ricardo Stanton on www.NewBlackCity.com and LIBradio. She is moderator of Yorubalife and a moderator on Destee.com, where she also hosts bi-weekly live Yoruba chats. She also hosts forums on.topica.com; (Afrikan Sistahs: Sistah Circle and OmoOduduwa); on yahoo.com (Black Reflections); and on various weblogs on xanga.com. Yeye also belongs to a great many list serves on Pan afrikanism and any issue affecting the global Afrikan family. Through these world wide web connections, Iya has become one of the foremost leaders and teachers who opens doors and minds to the knowledge of Traditional Afrikan Religions specifically Ifa.

Iya Sangofunmilayo Ademidemeji believes and has stated that; "it is good character that delivers us to the gate of Orun where we sit with our Ancestors and assist our beloveds left behind. It is fire that will light your way, transform you, burn you to ash; choose how you want to learn your lessons."




Name: Ayoka Bamise

Post: For Immediate Release Please contact Ayoka Bamise or Olakuoto Information@IleOgbon.org COME AND JOIN THE FAMILY! Yoruba Chat Wendsdays 8pm. EST. Iya Ademidemeji, Priestess of Shango, will be teaching an online, interactive, live class on the basics of Yoruba Spirituality and culture. She will also have on hand, occasional guest speakers. Iya Ademidemeji is a Moderator on www.destee.com and can be found there most nights or on Blackmic.com Please do not miss this wonderful opportunity! Come Join us as we reclaim, rebuild and relearn the ways of our Ancestors, Ase! Please celebrate Yeye's Anniversary with our Destee Family at Poetry Throwdown, www.blackmic.com, 8pm EST. Come hear OUR VOICES, OUR POETRY, OUR LAUGHTER on the Black mic.

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