Our Iya
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Out Of Darkness, there is Light

Intense with fear Darkness all around me. I felt she was near But her soul had not found me. Confusion filled my head Tears flood my pillow When nothing could be said A path came to follow. I believed in the Supreme Being, who knew where I belonged. It would only take patience, till I find my way back home. Soon darkness had enraged me Who was I to trust? No one had the nerves to be Understanding Loving as such. We met in my dreams Although I never saw her face. What did this all mean? I felt her passion and her grace. A priestess is what they told me she would be of assistance If I wanted to live in peace I would also encounter resistance. Her strength and her will encouraged me to focus. She was allowing me to heal when noone else would notice. I felt I already knew her By the pain we both shared She came out of Nowhere To doubt, I never dared. She went before me Battling all our enemies Of course she had to fall To bring life back to me. Brave and Unbreakable She is like a fortress. Wise and loveable A sincere beautiful Priestess. Ademide is her name, Iya is how I greet her She could have all the fame but she'd rather bring us together. Her purpose defines the woman that she is She crosses all lines to bring back harmony and bliss. Ade, Im very glad to meet you Happy you came into my life Without your tears and struggle I would have not seen the light.
Love Ola
Copyright2003 Olakuoto All Rights Reserved