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Inside our Celebration

Iya Ademidemeji's anniversary
About Shango
Praies/Oriki to Shango
In the footsteps of those who have gone before
Our humble thanks
Tribute to our Yeye/Iya
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I stand in mighty footsteps

Priases to Shango! Alaafin (the king of Oyo) snarls like a leopard and the people run away One whose eyeballs glow like charcoal Olukoso, the famous one of the city One who uses hundreds of cartridges to win victory in war One who used pieces of broken walls to defeat his enemies We honor you

Odio the old man of Ife One who is hard and strong even in his eyeballs The owner of the jungle from whom people must run away One whose abaja facial marks are bold as thunderstones One who has control over the heads of important people Some wrinkle their noses in disbelief, the traitors run; Ogiri who gathers them together and punishes them collectively One who fights people and still remains guiltless One who kills and the relatives of the victim give thanks Obakoso, the powerful king One who disperses them where they are conspiring One who folds his hands deceitfully before causing havoc The powerful cannon who disperses them where they are conspiring.

Shango, owner of the big royal drums One who is as power to a call forcefully like an egungun head chief, he king who did not hang One who rejects the plea of the accused; one who drinks water like walls One with eyes as frightening as the poisonous gudugudu yam One who is sufficient support in life Sango help me defeat my enemy I do not know where the world is heading, Obakoso One who is sufficient support in life, save me among many.

Sango we are here for your annual ceremony Protect us from bad fortune Let us increase in number and not decrease Protect us from illness Prevent us from breaking the law Spare us from court cases Do not allow us to see you in your bad mood Save us from Shoponna's anger Save us from drowning Save us from death by fire Let us experience the calm, and gentle things of life Save us from wicked people Help protect my children Prevent me from committing crimes against any people Prevent me from breaking any law Guide my footsteps Prevent me from committing offenses by the words of my mouth

Ashe, Ase!

Kawo O! Kabiyesi! etala mo juba!


Sango's Maxim

He who knows does not die like he who does not know. Ashe

Sango the benevolent one, carry me on your back, the sturdy one, carry me on your back.


I am Iya l'Orisa Shangofunmilayo

I pay respects to:

To the Creator, Mo Juba! To the Witness, Mo juba! To the Messenger, Mo juba! To my Consciousness, Mo juba! To my honorable and benevolent blood ancestors in whose footsteps I stand today, Mo juba! To Momma, mo juba To Granny, Mo juba To Grandma, mo juba To Grandpa, mo juba To Uncle Danny, Mo juba! To Uncle Alan, mo juba To Bobby, Mo juba To the honorable and benevolent ancestors who made it possible for any of us to be here today, mo juba To Ogun, the Path Opener, mo juba To Ochossi, the Tracker, mo juba To Obatala, King of the White Cloth, mo juba To Ibeji, Mo juba To Iya mi Oshun, mo juba! To Yemoja, mo juba To Oya, mo juba! To awon Iyami, mo juba To all Irunmole, mo juba To all Orisa, mo juba I give my total and humble respects! Ase, Ashe

I am here today because of those who have blazed the trails before me. I give honor to all of my honored elders, both in Orun (heaven) and in Aiye (Earth)

Those in Heaven

Iba se, Baba Mojubaala, mo juba Iba se, Mama Keke Boyce, mo juba Iba se, Iya Sangobi, mo juba Iba se, Iya Sangotola, mo juba Iba se, Iya Owinjobi, mo juba Iba se, Iya Osungburide, mo juba Ibe se, Iya Oyagbaide, mo juba Iba se, Iya Osunfunke, mo juba Iba Se, Baba Ogunjobi, mo juba Iba Se, Baba Sangodeyi, mo juba Iba se, Iya Ade, mo juba Iba se, Iya Osunbamike, mo juba Iba se, Baba Ifayomi, mo juba Iba se Baba Ed Davis, mo juba I give honor and praise to all Shango Priests who sit at the feet of Olodumare, I thank you!

To the Living Priests:

Oba Adefunmi I, mo juba Chief Ologundudu, mo juba Chief Bolu Fatunmise, mo juba Chief Obalumi Ogunseye, mo juba Chief Bode Fasuyi, mo juba Chief A.S. Ajamu, mo juba Chief Alagba, mo juba Chief Medahochi, mo juba Chief Ifashina Falade, mo juba Chief Akintobe Chief Baba SangoObadena, mo juba Chief Odugbemi Iya Osunmiwa, mo juba Iya Sangobi, mo juba Iya SangoObabiOsadele, mo juba Iya Sangode, mo juba Iya Apote, mo juba Iya Osun Iya Osogbo, mo juba Baba Ogunbi, mo juba Iya Osundere, mo juba Baba Efuntola, mo juba Iya Omiyinka, mo juba Iya Ogunbanke, mo juba Baba Micheael Ochossi, mo juba Baba Sekou Olayinka, mo juba Iya Ebiyemi, mo juba Iya Osunkemi, mo juba Iya Efunnoye, mo juba Iya Oyadele, mo juba Baba Obadele, mo juba Iya Adeyemi, mo juba Kinkan maase Egbe Sango! Mo juba I stand in the footsteps of evey Sango Priest to ever walk this earth. To you, Egbe Sango, I say Tototo! Much Respect! Ashe

There are two solutions to a problem; Sango, please resolve them. One who solves difficult problems. Sango, you are a powerful man. It is not until some people are involved in trouble that they will acknowledge Sango.

Both in the rainy season and in the dry season, there is no one who cannot be killed by Sango. Only those who are insane and those who are being tempted by Esu can afford to attack Esu or Sango. Only those who wish to be killed by Sango will do that. Sango, one who falls upon people like the blacksmith's hammer.

When Sango stands up, no man can stand up to him.